A year’s supply of Krispy Kreme’s won by local shopper

A lucky shopper received a Valentine’s Gift to last her the whole year this week.

Krispy Kreme unveiled its brand new box store in Broadway Shopping centre on Tuesday, offering a years supply of doughnuts to the person at the front of the queue.

First in line was Shae Ludlow, from Erith.

The 17-year-old waited in line from 8.30am, and was rewarded with a Krispy Kreme Gold Card, entitling her to a 24 complimentary doughnuts every month for a year.

“As soon as I heard that a new Krispy Kreme store was opening at The Broadway, I wanted to try to be the first customer,” said Miss Ludlow.

“It’s a fantastic feeling to get my hands on a Krispy Kreme Gold Card – I can’t wait to share my dozens with my family and friends each month.”

Judith Denby, chief marketing officer at Krispy Kreme, said: “We have had a wonderful opening day here in Bexleyheath! It’s been great to meet some of our newest guests as they get their first experience of Krispy Kreme treats. Thank you to everybody who came down – we look forward to welcoming lots more Bexleyheath residents in store in the coming weeks!”

Source : Bexley Times 

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