The Big Waffle Garage opens on the Broadway

The flagship waffle store has opened its doors in Bexleyheath selling savoury waffles that the owners say could be eaten for “breakfast, lunch and dinner.”

The Big Waffle Garage in the Broadway had its grand opening yesterday (Monday, April 24), with staff handing out free samples of savoury waffles to passers-by.

Owner Eddie Tezci said the menu has been inspired by the trend that is popular in the States.

He said: “What makes us different is that we are pushing savoury waffles. You can have them for Breakfast, lunch, brunch or your evening meal.

“We open early and make fresh waffles for breakfast – it’s very popular in America.”

On the menu for Big Waffle Garage you can have savoury waffles such as with ham and cheese, beef pastrami and cheddar or mozzarella and tomato.

Mr Tezci said this would be the first of many stores, with plans for 12 more to be opened this year.

Source : Newshopper 

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